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The Olde Pink House

“An absolute SAV must”

I must first admit that my review of The Old Pink House might be a little biased. The first few times I stayed in SAV, I stayed at the East Bay Inn, which is closest to Reynolds Square. The Pink House rests in all her majestic beauty on that square which helped me fall in love with my adopted city. With that said, I have heard nothing but wonderful reviews since my first visit. I however, tend to gravitate towards a more relaxed atmosphere but on occasion like to frequent a higher class establishment. If you enjoy a fine dining environment, I recommend making reservations to dine in the house. However, if you enjoy a cozier atmosphere, which I do, you can have the same menu in the basement tavern. I have enjoyed the tavern multiple times with my wife. It is quite the romantic setting; low ceilings, low lighting with candles and two fireplaces and a piano player. Order anything because the food is great. I have to tell you if you plan on eating in the tavern, it is first come first served. So when in Savannah, do as the Savannians and slow down and relax. So Enjoy the atmosphere and an adult beverage and don't let too many people know about this gem. I still would like to get a seat there when I want.


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