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“WOW TV's!”


Definitely a great place to watch the game. You have a view of a TV from wherever you sit. My wife and I shared a few apps on our last visit.The food has an interesting twist. The burger sliders had an interesting cheese and bacon jam on them, but very good. The mac and cheese egg rolls were great, but the pretzel bites were kind of weird; not really a pretzel, more like a pizza dough, but the dipping cheese was great. The staff was very friendly and attentive. There are many craft beers on tap to choose from, all laid out in a separate menu. My only complaint on that is that it should have given a little info on the beer; but I'm kind of a craft beer snob so any normal person could probably just Google the beer. I didn't see a listing for a beer flight, so you you'll have to ask about it. All in all it is a good place for a beer, some eclectic pub grub and tv viewing.Oh yea,and look at the football Jersey at the end of the bar if you want to know who owns the place.

Visited January 2016

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