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Costanzo's Pizza

“Surprisingly Good Pizza”

I'm from NJ, so if I go South, I will not get pizza. However, my wife and I were exhausted from driving to Savannah that day and just felt like pizza. The pizza was very much like the pizza I get in NJ. I was very surprised since all I ever heard about pizza in the South is that it is all like Papa Johns. I would definitely recommend their pizza. With that said, the night we went, their was only one kid working and someone else delivering. The kid making the pizza was hustling and trying though. He said they had a lot of to go orders and it would be about a half hour. An hour later is when we got our pizza. Whoever management is, should really get more help. The menu was a bit small however, and could use to expand to add more items. It will do well, just hire some more people.

Visited December 2015

#Lunch #Dinner

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