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17Hundred90 Inn

My wife and I decided on the 17hundred90 for our tenth wedding anniversary dinner. We arrived early for our reservations and went for a drink in the tavern. It was a bit noisy when we first arrived due to the boisterous tour group just off their slow ride ( or After they cleared out for their to-go drinks, the tavern rescinded back to her subdued demeanor.

Our table was ready early and we were seated in the quaint colonial style dining room. With the piano players soft melodic notes dancing around the room, our attentive waiter arrived promptly. He described the chef specialties with fervor, from memory, and let us ponder the menu. We were graced with fresh made warm biscuits drizzled with a honey butter sauce that were marvelous. We started with the fried green tomatoes and the crawfish etouffee. Both were spot on and enjoyed immensely. For dinner, my wife had the Boursin Chicken,sinful, and I devoured the special barbecue pork chop.

Both stuffed with no room for desert, we settled the reasonable tab with our gracious waiter and will forever savor our special night at the 17Hundred90.

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