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Owens-Thomas House

Owens-Thomas House Savannah,GA

Noted as one of the most important and architecturally significant houses of Savannah, this majestic home was designed by the English architect William Jay and built by Richard Richardson on Oglethorpe Square (1816-1819).

Originally called The Richardson House, after her builder, the home was purchased in 1830 by local politician and attorney, George Owens. The home stayed in the family for decades, until granddaughter Margaret Thomas entrusted the house to the Telfair Museum of Art.

One of her more famous guests was Revolutionary War hero, the Marquis de Lafayette who visited Savannah in 1825. It is said that he reviewed Savannah’s militia from the south balcony, made from cast iron with elaborate acanthus scrolls, and addressed the thousands of cheering citizens who gathered below.

Today, the Owens-Thomas house, is just one of the many homes in Savannah that may be toured. Enjoy!

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