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Frali Gourmet

Don't blink or you may miss it, unless your next door sipping on a latte at SAV Coffee Roasters. Although there is no provolone hanging from the ceiling, FraLi Gourmet is worth a chance if you long for an old time Italian sandwich, or as they refer to it - panini. Thinking of the American panini in a press, I was surprised when I received cold cuts on crusty bread. To my delight, it was delicious. The menu offers up some home made macaroni (pasta) and fresh salads. In conversing with the workers at the counter, we both expressed our desire for regular Italian food; I'm from north east Jersey and grew up Italian American eating only home cooked Italian food and getting some of the best damn pizza in the country. They told me they were looking to add some of my favorite sandwiches to the menu, of which I have a hard time getting in SAV.

If your a northern transplant and are wondering where the good bread is, you can find it at FraLi Gourmet. Enjoy!

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