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Stroll Through the Cemetery

Bonaventure Cemetery

I've been on many tours in many different cities; some were good and some I wish I hadn't gone on. If you made your way to Savannah, chances are you have some interest in her history. If you are looking for the perfect tour that will reveal fascinating historical facts, introduce intriguing residents of the past and leave you with an enlightened sense of being, the Shannon Scott Tours will surely impress. Myself, already being keen on historic cemeteries, found this tour absolutely compelling and thought-provoking.

As you walk down the shadowy sandy paths through the live oaks low lying tree limbs draped with wispy Spanish moss through Bonaventure Cemetery, Shannon gives his eloquent oratory of historical anecdotes that will consume your attention. His stories will leave you enlightened, delighted and even tug at your heart strings. This tour is an essential for the authentic Savannah experience.

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