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Candlelit Ghost Tour

Had some friends in town and wanted to go on a ghost tour. We have been on a few in the past, most of which were less than stellar; one of of which we actually left the tour it was so bad. Checked out candlelit ghost tours on trusty TRIPADVISOR and found what would be the BEST history/ghost tour around - SAVANNAH HISTORY & HAUNTS. Our tour guide, dressed in historic clothing, led our group by candlelight throughout a section of the historic district. His depth of historical knowledge and rhetoric with a touch of lighthearted humor kept us all captivated. We can say we highly recommend Savannah History & Haunts tour if you dare, and hope the ghostly Savannah stories don't keep you up all night. Although, If you are staying downtown, you can always sleep well snuggled up next to your ghost.

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